Faulty Apprentice: Interactive Visual Novel / Dating Sim

Created by Dinmoney

In a world of Magic, Monsters and Mystery, you are the Faulty Apprentice!

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Map to Adventure Ep.3
over 2 years ago – Sun, Apr 09, 2017 at 08:57:57 AM

Hi Apprentices! Thank you for your ongoing support, everyone!
With 6 days left of the Campaign, the team at AGL studios are constantly checking the funding progress. We are less than $700 away from the Romanceable Bunny Guard stretch goal! We are seriously in awe! Let's do our best to power through the remaining days! 

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  • Help Faulty Apprentice get featured on major websites! If you get active on social media and websites to spread word, maybe we can get featured by big names, which could help us immensely. (We might just reach the rest of the stretch goal!)
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Social Media Quest

Our Current Stats: 

-Total KS Backer: 475!
-Total Follow on Twitter: 754
-Total Like on Facebook: 414
-Fanart: 10+ (Who's ready for a showcase next update!?)
-Twitter RT: 84 (RT this)
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Map to Adventure! Episode 3   


Investigating the area of the Red Hawks combustion, the Apprentices make a startling discovery. Black as iron, and heavy as lead, what initially looked like a scorched stone, appears to be some sort of egg?  

Black as iron, and heavy as lead
Black as iron, and heavy as lead

Collecting some Red Feathers, a scoop of ash and the Scorched Egg, the Apprentices follow the North Path in the hopes of finding the town of Brindle. Sun rays become increasingly rare as the forest canopy begins to solidify. The various flora and fauna shift from trees like, Birch, Elm and Pine into various mushrooms and fungi. Some of them are so bizarre in shape, they remind you of images from a book about a city under the sea. Pools of still water fill depressions in the uneven path while the mushroom trees grow taller.

The humble Apprentices march forward with only the faint screeches of the flying shadow, and the memory of last nights dream to drive them onward. After marching a better part of a day, the Apprentices begin to doubt their decision. After all, some wanted to take the Southern Path, while others were still upset the Red Hawk was killed. At least they were, until they found a piece of paper on the ground.

Some started hopping up and down like Bunny Folk, while others fell to their knees thanking the Gods to be alive in such wonderful times. Of course they were going to Brindle. They were always going to Brindle, because Brindle of course, was the place to go!

The sun passes into late afternoon as the forest release it’s stranglehold on the sky and a town comes into view. With walls swelling, a cluster of giant mushrooms sprout from the center of limestone buildings. The plume of fungi seems to overflow like the foam atop a flagon of ale. Floating spores the size of will-o-wisps drift around lazily, giving off a pale yellow glow. Tired, hungry, but ready for action, the Apprentices enter the gates of the mushroom city called, Brindle. 

While you don’t see any direct signs, its clear the townsfolk are preparing for some sort of festival. With the lack of visible wet tunics, and no magical birds to guide them, the Apprentices decide to visit the local tavern. Sounds of laughter tin mugs clanking greet the Apprentices as they enter the Lucky Clover Inn. All that’s open is one table with two girls wearing blue tunics and silver armor.  

The blue haired girl with sharp teeth lifts her mug and calls out to you.

Shark Girl: “High tide to yee travelers! Care to share a pint of fine ale?” 

 A frothing mug appears as the bro code abiding barkeep nudges you with his elbow and whispers too loudly.

Barkeep: “Plenty of beds available if you find yourself in need of a room.”

Pulling the mug to your face in attempt to hide the embarrassment, you take a seat. The girl with white foxy ears and more tails than you can count gives you a long look as she slowly raises an eyebrow.

Fox Girl: “Drinking ale is boring, you can do that anywhere. If you are real men, why don’t you do something special you can only do here in Brindle?” 

What will the Apprentices do?


You can help us reach our next goals by spreading the word of our Kickstarter campaign, and don’t forget to: 

Stretch Goal #3 Reached! + KS Adventure Ep.2
over 2 years ago – Sun, Apr 09, 2017 at 01:55:24 AM

Nya! Scary Man again! (^=˃ᆺ˂)
Nya! Scary Man again! (^=˃ᆺ˂)

  By the fang!! You did it! With the 3rd Stretch Goal unlocked, we'll be able to compensate our awesome voice team AND hire more VA to voice the rest of the cast! This is truly exciting, Apprentices!!~(=^・ω・^)ノ◎~

  Next Goal, Romanceable Bunny Guard! With this fourth stretch goal, you as an Apprentice will have a chance to get to know the lovable southern bell ❤ Because in the end of the day, the Bunny Guard will always be there for you when times gets rough~

  As you may have noticed, a new stretch goal has been revealed! We have another CG Upgrade +! Which means more illustration! You know how the devs loves art!! Let's do this Apprentices!!


Kickstarter Adventure Episode 2

  No one cared the sun was setting because the excitement about the newly obtained, Map of Adventure, was in the air. The map was passed from one Apprentice to another, as they shared their ideas for the next course of action. Some were trying do determine their current location, where as others couldn’t stop talking about where to go next.  

  Luckily some of them had some previous camping experience and were able to setup a decent campfire and guard posts. As night fell, one by one each of Apprentices fell into slumber. Laying on the dirt with your patch blanket, you hope for the best but prepare for the normal dreams of A.) farm duty, B.) getting yelled at, or C.) running from dragons. 

   As you take your final breath of consciences you are greeted with a sketchy vision of four figures surrounding you. Now, this isn’t like that time you were surrounded for stealing the cookie from the cookie jar. This is being surrounded by a smooth and soft sensation. You begin hear gentle hums and giggles as bodies become pressed against yours. Even though you have never felt this in real life, you realize you are completely and utterly surrounded by… GIRLS!!

As you take your final breath of consciences you are greeted with a sketchy vision of four figures surrounding you. (Special Print for Durandall's Chosen Tier and Up.)
As you take your final breath of consciences you are greeted with a sketchy vision of four figures surrounding you. (Special Print for Durandall's Chosen Tier and Up.)


 One of them leans lifts her face towards yours and begins to open her mouth. “QUAAAAACK!!!!” She shrieks like a bird as you are snapped awake to see one of your fellows shoot the Red Hawk dead in the chest with a crossbow bolt! The bird explodes tremendously like a goblin fire-bomb, leaving only ringing ears and scorched, leafless branches in its wake. 

  As feather trickle down from above, the Apprentice who shot the Hawk, turns around to great the rest of the group with his accomplishment. Everyone pauses for a moment to respond, however just as they are about to react, a shadow passes overhead. With smoke billowing up towards the sky, its clear there is a dark silhouette of a large beast flying across the tree line. 

  Like cockroaches scattering the morning after a tavern brawl, the campsite was vacated, and the surrounding trees invaded. A heartbeat passes. Then two. Then three. Only then your brain gives you permission for your lungs to resume breathing. With no better way to gauge time, you wait for a nearby snail to cross a dead elm leaf.

  Finally you come out from behind the tree, that until recently held your life in its hands, and regrouped with the rest of your party. With no better options, one Apprentice shouts out, “Screw that Red Hawk! Let’s keep going East until we reach Stars Reach!” With the bump of confidence, or the fact you have no other option, the rest of the group presses on in the direction they think is East!

  Eventually a fork appears in the path. One route leading to the North where you see the vegetation taking on a fungal nature; or to the South, leading to a landscape of pine trees and rolling hills. With Copernicus in cinders, the Apprentices are left to make the decision on their own…

Comment below with your choice to influence the next story event and loot drop!!


You can help us reach our next goals by spreading the word of our Kickstarter campaign, and don’t forget to: 

Live Q&A / KS Adventure Ep.1
over 2 years ago – Sat, Apr 08, 2017 at 05:48:02 PM

  Reminder that we're having a KS Live with the AGL team in less than 5 min!
Join us for the Live chat at 1:00 PDT here! Have your questions ready!

Meet the AGL studios Team

Social Media Quest!

  We’re getting close on many of the Community Achievements! We'll update them and show case all the amazing fanarts of Faulty Apprentice in the next few days! 
So share, tell your friends, and keep those pictures coming!


Kickstarter Adventure Episode 1  

  After three weeks of traveling the long road to Stars Reach Castle the Apprentices are marching strong and remain in high spirits! The sky is blue, the grass is green, and birds are whistling their songs. Perhaps because they raised over 16k gold towards their goal or maybe because its just such a nice day, everything seems to be working out for them. That is until one of them realized they were lost…  

Whether it was because all pine trees look alike, or no one was paying attention, the Apprentices have mixed up the routes and have no idea where to go. Since it was a good of time as any to take a short rest, they find a clearing in the trees and sit down on a patch of rocks that aren’t too mossy. After a sigh and two thumb twiddles a voice calls out from above.  

???: “Pardon me, but you all wouldn’t happen to be heroes, would you?” 

 After looking around to find no source to the voice, a Red Hawk flies down and lands on the branch of a small sapling a few kings yards away. It’s a very proud standing Hawk with red eyebrows and a sort of ember glow radiating from between his chest feathers.

It’s a very proud standing Hawk with red eyebrows and a sort of ember glow radiating from between his chest feathers.
It’s a very proud standing Hawk with red eyebrows and a sort of ember glow radiating from between his chest feathers.

  Copernicus: “My name is, Copernicus. Pleasure to make your acquaintances.” 

 The bird pauses for a moment looking at you and the other Apprentices as if waiting for a response. After no one replies, he does a brief feather ruffle in attempt to adjust himself before proceeding. 

 Copernicus: “I was sent by the great wizard, Durandall, to meet a group of heroes at this location so they could become farm boys. But now that I look at you all, I think he meant farm boys that are supposed to become heroes.” 

 Even though you are speaking to an animal, and hawks are not particularly known for their expressive features, the audible sigh he gives off after saying that last sentence is unmistakable. 

 Copernicus: “I might have known. Here. This is for you then.” 


 The Hawk swoops past you and drops a scroll into your lap. Without even touching the paper it begins to unravel and increase in size. 

 Copernicus: “There is still a bit of a way to our first checkpoint. We need to reach the Bunny Burrow or town of Brindle. We can set out first thing tomorrow, but you Apprentices will need to decide our route. That’s all I’m allowed to tell you for now. Fair well, Apprentices!” 

 With that final word the Red Hawk flies up into the trees, leaving you, and the other Apprentices gazing down at the Kickstarter Map to Adventure.


Don't forget to catch our KS Live Q&A!

KS Live, Let's Play contest, 9 days left!
over 2 years ago – Fri, Apr 07, 2017 at 02:21:10 PM

Greeting Apprentices!
It’s our FINAL WEEK of the Kickstarter campaign! We’ve come so far and are so grateful to everyone who has pledged, shared, and supported us for the past week!

Kickstarter Live Tomorrow! 

Make sure to tune in tomorrow, Friday 01:00 pm PDT (Los Angeles Time) Convert here.
Submit your burning questions now and we will do our best to answer all questions during the stream. Visit the KS page or follow this link to get a reminder when the stream goes live! We'll have some cool surprises for every for the next 9 days, so please stay tune!!

First off, we are hosting Let's Play contest right now!! If you know any Youtuber/Twitch streamer that you'd like to see play Faulty Apprentice, please do not be shy to share the demo with them!! (Just in case, we do have a Faulty Apprentice EPK Available!)

How to Enter:
1.) Upload your Let's Play on Youtube or stream on Twitch.

2.) Share on FB/Tweet it while mentioning @AGLstudioArt + #FaultyApprentice + the link of our Kickstarter page. (http://bit.ly/FaultyKS)
(Both our FB/Twitter are @AGLstudioArt)

3.) After the campaign, we'll reveal the winner & they will receive a free copy of FA upon release! 

Let's Play Faulty Apprentice!
Let's Play Faulty Apprentice!


We just reached 16k funding Apprentices! Let's work hard so we can reach 17k! Which means more voices for the other characters!! 

We are so close to 17k!!
We are so close to 17k!!

-----! Check out this project !-----

Our friends at Yangyang mobile just recently released The Letter's fully-animated trailer and Steam store page! Make sure to show them some love!

The Letter releases Quarter 2, 2017! Don't forget to add the game to your wishlist on Steam!
The Letter releases Quarter 2, 2017! Don't forget to add the game to your wishlist on Steam!


Stretch Goal #2 Reached + Animated Sprite Test!
over 2 years ago – Sun, Apr 02, 2017 at 12:09:49 PM

Thank you Apprentices! With your help spreading the word about Faulty Apprentice, creating fanart and playthrough videos, we were able to reach 15k and our 2nd stretch goal, CG Upgrade!! Which means we'll have more in-game illustrations! The devs are stoked because we love to create art!

Let's also celebrate because it is now Friday March 31st here in Los Angeles and it is our lead artist dinmoney birthday! Everyone go tell him HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :) 

Next Goal, Partial Voice Acting! With this third stretch goal, we'll be able to compensate our voice actors for their awesome work! We're excited to reach this goal because we'd love to continue working with the current VA and possibly hire more for the rest of the Faulty Apprentice Cast!

As you may have noticed, a new stretch goal has been revealed! There's now Unlock: Princess!! Secret character. There is no greater mark of heroism than saving a princess! Who is this Princess? We'll never know until we reach this stretch goal! Let's work hard Apprentices!

Din and Jesika are thrilled to show you this Animated Sprite Test!! 
We officially have a full-time programmer that would help us translate Faulty Apprentice into Unity! How exciting is that? This is only a Sprite test, but imagine what we could do with the full game! Let us know what you think!



  • If you pledge the Durandall's Chosen Tier ($250) and up, you will automatically receive the Miniatures + Signed Prints!
  • Add-Ons are now Available! You must add a shipping fee to the cost of the item if you have not ordered the Pervy Wizard Tier ($50) or higher.
  • FAQ! We've added some new frequently asked questions there, let us know if you have any other question or concern that are not listed!

--------------- Project shout out! -----------------

Check out Episicava - A Visual Novel Action/Adventure Epic by Epic Game! They just been Greenlit and is currently half way to reaching their funding goal!

Episicava is a large-scale action/adventure visual novel epic inspired by series like Fate, Tokyo Babel, and more.
Episicava is a large-scale action/adventure visual novel epic inspired by series like Fate, Tokyo Babel, and more.